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A parrot is one of the most educatable of species (Oxford English Dictionary)

Part I — Replacing Instruction by Education

In speaking of teaching, a school is most often focused upon as a place for education, not instruction. This is, in itself, a somewhat surprising occurrence since a transmission of knowledge is by no means guaranteed by education — as a mode of rearing and training the individual — whereas all teaching necessarily consists in instruction.

Yet, pedagogues and educators seem to shy away from an analysis of what an instruction consists of and why it forms the basis of…

What Every Schoolchild Should Know

Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893 (National Gallery, Oslo)

I am trying to write here something that I wish my father, mother, or an educator would have told me when I was young. Now, after 30 years of working in the mental health field, I may have a few echoes worth jotting down.

I once thought it was possible to go crazy, then realized that in the age of Trump and Hillary, COVID and quarantines, the whole world has gone mad.

Any claim that society could round up its crazy people, that the woolly-eyed madmen could all be put away in asylums, is a belief in Santa Claus. For…

Part II: A Crack in the Translation-Tradition

Warped Oedipus and the Sphinx; Original by Ingres (1808); Louvre

This article is Part II of a five-part series on Freud’s Oedipus Complex. Though Part I Getting the ‘Psycho’ Out of Psychoanalysis is found here, the articles can be read separately.

1. The Warped Translation of Freud’s Oedipus Complex

People talk a lot about psychoanalysis. In fact, it has become so ingrained in the culture today that even a twelve-year-old thinks s/he knows what the Oedipus Complex is: ‘You want to sleep with your mother and kill your father!’.

Without stopping here to question the obscenity of such a statement, it may come as a surprise to some that the major works of Freud describing the Oedipus Complex

The Old Way To Celebrate Christmas

1951, Dijon France, 250 children burn a mannequin of Father Christmas at the cathedral St. Sainte-Bénigne; Original Photo Le Parisien

I f given a chance, perhaps out of protest over the commericialism and excess that Christmas brings, would you like to burn and hang an effigy of Santa Claus in public?

If this has ever come to mind, you are not alone. Far from being the cause for a holiday depression, such an impulse re-enacts one of the most ancient of Christmas rituals.

Many people, especially in the countryside, still do celebrate the burning of their trees after Christmas. …

Analysis Since Jacques Lacan

Photo by Isai Ramos on Unsplash

In effect, classical psychoanalysis, preoccupied above all with interpsychology, that is to say with individual psychological reactions determined by social life and family life, has not directed its attention to objective knowledge. It has not seen what there was special for the human who quits his/her fellow humans for objects, as with the super-Nietzscheans who, climbing towards a higher mountain, also leave their eagle and serpent to live among the stones. And yet, what a curious destiny, more curious still considering the century we are living in! Our whole culture is being ‘psychologized’, where the interest of the human is…

A Different Strategy for Climate Justice

Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

[Dec.24, 2019 — This article is a first draft text currently undergoing a degree of re-writing. I will add here a note once it has stabilized for a final print.]

§1. Do Preferences And A Consensus of Scientists Ever Help?

I like ecologists and must admit nothing is more tender that watching a young Greta Thunberg pout her way into conferences and demand what is true and just.

I also prefer bicycle riders to those in cars, Bernie to Trump, the protection of native Indian lands over the rights of big oil, and my deceased mother’s homemade marmalade to those you find in the stores.

But when all is said…

A Fairy Tale: When Goldilocks Meets The Narcissist

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Often The Narcissist is portrayed as some Bad Old Bear startling Goldilocks.

Here is a snippet of a typical article on Medium attempting to describe The Narcissist:

Narcissists are people with a wide array of traits, skills and properties that make them both compelling and poisonous. The real narcissist is one who is unable and unwilling to look past their own untiring self-infatuation, and — often — the most toxic narcissists in our lives are invisible hiding in plain sight. Beware, I was sleeping with my boyfriend, then woke up oneday to discover he was a narcissist!

What is this…

Introducing The Absolute Censor

Golden Bullshit Award

In Medium’s guidelines it states:

Medium is a free and open platform for anyone to write their views and opinions. As such we don’t vet or approve posts before our users publish them. We believe free expression deserves a lot of leeway, so we generally think the best response to bad ideas is good ideas, not censorship.

What is written below is the description of an event that will allow you to judge whether this is the case.

Introducing the Absolute Censor

Recently I was blocked, then reported, by a writer named xxxxxxx, after I both critiqued her misuse of the word narcissism and…

Fourteen Codes Of Conduct To Empower Your Life

How To Speak Like A Cosmonaut

Did you ever wonder why people these days are finding it difficult to use the first person singular pronoun ‘I’ in the English language?

And that most prefer instead to speak from a place where they are not by using the second person singular and plural pronoun ‘You.’

For example, by using the second person pronoun ‘You,’ peppered with a lot of ‘you knows’ and ‘likes,’ anyone can say the following in English and be understood:

“Oh, you know, it is like when you go to a restaurant, and everyone else wants the same thing as you, then they run…

How Not To Confuse Narcissism With Egoism

I f asked whether the sun goes around the earth or the earth goes around the sun, most people these days would say the latter: the earth goes around the sun.

Some may even recognize the word describing how the earth goes around the sun, heliocentrism, and oppose this to the word describing how the sun goes around the earth, geocentrism.

Then why do people today continue to confuse egoism, how things revolve around the self, and narcissism, how the self revolves around other things (language, family, environment, etc.)?¹

If I think all my words are mere reflections of the…


Researcher in le temps perdu: sex, race, ethics, the clinic, logic, and mathematics. Founder and analyst at PLACE

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