On Suicide — Give Me A Reason To Live

Can the ethical tradition of tragedy teach us anything about modern day suicide? ¹

Man’s Ethos ( ἦθος ) is his Daimon (δαίµων)

There are no reasons for why one should not commit suicide.²

There is no sign or prescription of the individual adequate to express its suffering or direct the decisions upon its own death.

In addressing the question of suicide, who is spoken TO is more important than who or what is spoken ABOUT.

How to tolerate the ignorance of the Other without falling into apathy and empathy?

Well, o.k….. but if you do, then you will never know the real reasons for why you did so. You might as well already be dead.

Suicide is a failed form of detachment, it is a refusal to read alienation, since it confuses symbolization of the absolute difference of the Other with living it in the relative difference of the other, i.e., the self and others.

How to separate from an alienation without going anywhere?


Winter 2018

Researcher in le temps perdu: sex, race, ethics, the clinic, logic, and mathematics. Founder and analyst at PLACE www.topoi.net

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